Sunday, January 13, 2008

My brother is a Marine----
A guy that would put his life on the line so you do not have to.
My brother is a Marine----
So proud, so true, and at times I wander WHY?
why he loves you enough to fight for you.
He goes through Hell most every day, to prepare to go to fight for our freedom.
My brother is a Marine---
He is the only one I know, that has made his dream come true by sipply saysing Ill go.
You gripe and you fuss at times you even cuss, the very ones that keep you free.
These soldiers these marines
My brother is a Marine---- hes someone who cares enough to die so me and you can sleep in Pease at night. My brothers a Marine Pround and loveing to his country
I love you Bro see you soon