Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Dont Understand Lord?

I Dont Under Stand Lord??????

Yep we have all said it. Somthing bad happens or things dont go as we planed and we ask God why? We dont understand. Yep its happend to me and you. But have you ever thought that maybe just maybe God is doin everything for a reason? Nope. We never think of that all we know is God srewed up our plans and now where Pissed.


God never said the road for Christians would be easy, mater of fact he said it would be hard. But we always have Jesus to lean on and to help us through the hard times. Gods mined is way to big for us to understand, God made every single star in the sky and we cant even find them all. So how are we gonna understand his plans for our lifes?
The good thing is WE DONT HAVE TO!!!!! God knows whats best for us we need to trust him, Pray and ask him to work in a way pleasein to him so that he and OLNY he gets the glory.

When we do this then and only then will God reville his will to us and show us; See i really did know all along

"Be thankful For the hard times God gives you in life, But dont think of them as just hard times, or storms, but think of them as a way to grow & learn"

"And NEVER tell God how big your storms are tell your storms how big God is."